Photo - Victor Neyra

WEsley Magyar

Wesley's music can best be described as a hybridized blend of folk, electronic, with hip hop and R&B influences. His melodies are simple, yet provocative and poignant. Coupled with chunky syncopated rhythms that borrow from hip-hop and dance genres, creating whimsical, yet melancholy, innocent songs that seem tragically aware of modern life's alienations yet remained steadfastly optimistic nevertheless. Focusing on experimental playing techniques through the manipulation of traditional instrumentation, be it through electronics, or just holding an instrument in an unconventional manner, Wesley attempts to exploit his unfamiliarity with traditional technique to create rhythms and melody structures that subverts what comes naturally through experienced playing as well as imitating digital glitch electronic styles with acoustic instruments. 



  Sound Design
  Music Composition
  Sonic Branding
  Audio Strategy
  Audio editing
  Foley recording
  Live Sound
  Sound FX
  Sound for Mobile